Deeply understand your customers, so you can drive long-term growth.

At Research Really, we run qualitative research to help businesses get to know their customers really well.

You have a big goal for your business. Maybe you want to ...

  • Grow sales

  • Expand into a new customer segment

  • Bring a new product to market

  • Decrease customer churn

  • Market more effectively

  • Build a complex new feature

When you invest in customer research first, you figure out how to achieve that goal without wasting time, money, or effort.

You're in good company.

Nick Rimsa, Research Really Founder, has run over 7,500 successful customer interviews for over 150 clients, including several multi-billion dollar enterprises.

We can’t name some of our biggest clients, but we can tell you they include:

  • 2 multi-billion dollar B2B software companies

  • 1 data analytics firm worth hundreds of millions of dollars

  • 1 software development firm worth tens of millions of dollars

  • 1 multi-million dollar IT company

Annie Bacher, B2B SaaS Copywriter

“The worst thing would be to hire an interviewer and have them make me look incompetent. But I never have to worry about that with Nick. Hiring Nick means you can have a consistent face doing interviews and you can ensure the quality in those client-facing calls, even if there’s turnover in your team. He has a deep love and fascination for interviewing and connecting with people — this isn’t just a passing interest to make money. He’s really invested.”